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LifeAct Associate Board

The LifeAct Associate Board is a group of young professionals who support mental health awareness and education through community engagement. LifeAct’s Associate Board was developed in 2017 for young adults who are interested in getting involved on a volunteer board and learn more about LifeAct. For more information about the Associate Board, please contact our office at 216-464-3471 or email

Virtual Walk for Suicide Prevention

Event: Virtual Walk for Suicide Prevention
Date: September 6 – 12, 2020
Host: LifeAct’s Associate Board
Registration: LifeActVirtualWalk2020

LifeAct’s Associate Board of young professionals is hosting a Virtual Walk to help bring awareness to suicide prevention and mental health during Suicide Prevention week (September 6 – 12, 2020). If you’re walking for someone you know, all people, or yourself, we want to support each other and those suffering by “walking with them” in this journey to better mental health. We hope to take steps through our walk to a kinder and more understanding world of suicide prevention and mental health.

On average, 123 Americans die by suicide per day. Only 13 minutes pass between each suicide in the United States of America in a day. There are an estimated quarter million people each year who become suicide survivors.

Our goal is to walk for all the people we lost to suicide and celebrate the ones we did not by reaching 250,000 steps! We are asking you to participate in any way you can to bring healing during this week. Participants who are able to walk, we ask that you walk 1.23 miles for all those we lost to suicide in a day. If you’re unable to complete the walk, spend 13 minutes reflecting, checking in on your mental health, and talking with loved ones for those minutes that pass in a day before another life is lost to suicide.

If you are participating, please register so we can recognize you in our goal (no donation necessary)! We are tracking our steps towards our goal through social media. Please post and tag us, use the hashtags #WalkWithLifeAct, #LifeActAB, #SuicidePrevention, and #StigmaFree, add to your stories, send us a message, anything to show your support and participation! LifeAct’s Associate Board will monitor social media that week to announce progress and when our goal is reached!

Things to remember when walking:

  • Wear Suicide Prevention Awareness Cause colors (purple and teal)
  • If you walk in a group, follow local COVID-19 guidelines
  • If you’re walking in a public area, follow local COVID-19 guidelines