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Our Lifesaving Society

Individual donations are the lifeblood of all non-profit organizations.  LifeAct thanks our donors who continue  to help us provide the resources to teach our children how to recognize depression and to prevent suicide.  


$10,000 and UP
Anne and John Beringer
Kristen and Joe Brown
Jennifer and Timothy Burke
Kristi and Ken Horner
Katherine and Steven Hughes
Edda and Terry Owen
Kristin and Robert Tull

$5,000 – $9,999
Mary Kay and Jack Binder
Jessica and Matt Dolan
John C. Morley
Jill and William Oatey
Jane and Biagio Russo
Michelle and Hank Spain
$2,500 – $4,999
Mary and Dan Berick
Ann and Matt Brady
Judith and William Caster
Thomas Cirincione
Marilena DiSilvio
Paulette and Frank Fantozzi
Sandhya Gupta
Jayne and Bill Hasler
Margaret and James Hopkins
Pamela and Stephen Keefe
Judith and James Kewley
Stephanie and Stuart Mabee
Maureen and Steven MacIntyre
Charlie Robinson
Lori and John Wheeler
Deborah and Colin Wilkinson
William A. Wortzman

$1,000 – $2,499
Cindy Anderson
Fran and Jules Belkin
Denise and Edward Bell
Katie and Michael Bunker and
Monica and Dan Castele
Tom Castele and John Wasiniak
Ruth and George Clemens
Sondra and Thomas Cristal
S. Stuart Eilers
Joseph Farkas
Allison and Jon Hanson

Judith and Stephen Kovach
Char and Ray Kuchta
Maggie Layman
Jessica and Joe Leonard
Wendy and David Lingafelter
Bethany and James Lundquist
Diane and Jack Malarik
Nick Nemeth Memorial Fund
John P. O’Brien, Sr.
Susan and Michael O’Connor
Robin and Jon Outcalt, Jr.
Jane and Richard Owens
Patty and Edward Pentecost
Kristin and Bob Perkins
Christine Renner
Elaine and Peter Roth
Kevin Ruddock
Margo and James Walker
Patricia Watt
Lynda and Marlin Younker

$500 – $999
Scot Adkins
Todd Amsdell
Annette and Thomas Bader
Lu and Doug Bannerman
Gary D. Bigham
Bob Brandon
Barbie and Jim Breitenbach
Roy Buss
William Champ
Joan Conrad
E.M. de Windt, Jr.
John Dyer
Bethany Friedlander
Chelsie and Nick Froning
Kathryn and Michael Garvey
Dulcey Barr and Brian Gingerich
Doris and Matt Gobec
Frances Goodman
Michelle and Paul Harris
Thomas Heinen
Deborah and Robert Hermann
Julie and John Hertzer
Dana and David Hollister
Anne and William Hyde

Michael Keresman
Kathryn Kipp
Norma and Harvey Kotler
Aaron Kowaleski
Haydee Lalli
David Lazor
Mrs. Kenneth E. Lowe, Sr.
Joyce MacDowell
Seth B. Marks
Nicole Visconsi Mawby
Susan and William McGrath
Kathleen and Timothy McNeilly
Linda Mellen
Christina M. Moran
Mary Jo Morse
Mike Morse
Robert Murch
Joshua Nathanson
Karen and Matthew O’Hearn III
Richard Pogue
Brian Quinn
Christopher Rodeno
Lisa and Al Romanini
Denise Rondini
Michael H. Rose
Mary Jane Schiros
Gretchen Schuler
Holly Tomasch
Joseph Walton
David Wildermuth
Amy and Clark Wulf
Diane Zavell

GeneratioNEXT Endowment
Mary Kay and Jack Binder
Judith and William Caster
Margaret and James Hopkins
Kristi and Ken Horner
Musca Family Charitable Fund
Edda and Terry Owen
Elaine and Peter Roth
The Treadway Family Memorial
Fund for Life
Kristin and Robert Tull
Deborah and Colin Wilkinson
William Wortzman

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